Quantum & Cloud Engineering Division

  • Quantum Engineering
    • Quantum Computing Strategy & Advisory
      • Quantum Platform & Algorithm Selection for industry specific use cases:
        • Quantum Optimization
        • Quantum Machine Learning
        • Quantum Safe Security
        • Quantum Chemistry
    • Quantum Workforce Readiness
    • Quantum Technology: Detectors & Sensors use-case solutions
    • Quantum Startup Executive Mentoring
    • Quantum Computing Software Development for:
      • Azure Quantum
      • IonQ
      • IBM Quantum
      • AWS Braket
      • Honeywell
      • D-Wave
      • Strangeworks
      • Xanadu Pennylane QC
      • Xanadu Strawberry Fields QML
      • QuantumFlow Neural Networks
  • Cloud Engineering
    • Microsoft Azure, M365, AWS & GCP
    • Cloud Strategy & Financial Modeling
    • Cloud Architecture, Design & Operations
    • IoT/EDGE
    • IAAS/PAAS/DevOps
    • Microservices
    • Big Data
    • AI/ML/Cognitive Systems
    • Cloud CAD/CAE systems
    • AR/VR driven Design Engineering

Quiver Audio Division

Custom Audio Engineering & Guitar Kit Assembly

  • Audio Engineering
    • Recording & Mixing
      • Solo acoustic and electric guitar recordings
      • Professional mixing of prerecorded instrumental and vocal audio
  • Custom Electric Guitar Kit Assemblies of replica models:
    • Les Paul (Two or Three Pickups)
    • Stratocaster
    • Telecaster
    • ES-335
    • ES-175
    • BC Rich Mockingbird
    • Parker Fly
    • Double necked headless Bass & 6-string
    • Double necked 12 and 6 string headless
    • Steinberger
    • Flying V

CEO: Rajiv Mistry

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Pivotport, Inc is a Partner Vendor for:
Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Apple

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  • Pivotport, Inc. presented at the ISQCMC

    Pivotport, Inc. CEO Rajiv Mistry and his Purdue University classmate, Jonathan Ortega presented at the first International Symposium for Quantum Computing in Musical Creativity , hosted online by University of Plymouth (UK) on 11/19-20/2021.

    The topic covered discussion of the strategy, approach and results of a Quantum Algorithms and Software project titled:
    Quantum Frequency Detector for Audio Files

    This is based on the project completed by Rajiv Mistry, Jonathan Ortega and John Kye during their coursework at Purdue towards their Micromasters in Quantum Technology: Detectors and Sensing during Q1-Q2 of 2021.

    The below results files in PDF format are available for session attendees:

    Simulated Results for Quantum Frequency detector

    Real Device Results for Quantum Frequency Detector

  • Pivotport, Inc selected for Azure Quantum Credits

    Project Name: Quantum detection of cardiovascular events in cardiac signals

    Credits Granted to Pivotport, Inc. by Microsoft Azure Quantum Program: $10000 USD

    The above credits will be made available to Pivotport, Inc. starting on 2021-10-01, and expiring on 01-Apr-22.

    Pivotport, Inc. is currently in the planning phase to conduct this project on Quantum Computing platforms such as IonQ and Honeywell available via Microsoft Azure.

  • Quantum Startup Mentoring by Pivotport, Inc.

    The Compass Program at University of Chicago’s Polsky Center selected Rajiv Mistry as Quantum Startup Mentor for two startups being incubated in this program:

    memQ, a Quantum Hardware startup with a founding team of PhDs at Argonne National Labs and MBA interns from University of Chicago Booth School. As a result of the mentoring by Rajiv Mistry and the earnest efforts by its founders, memq has successfully raised over $500k in seed funding.

    AIccelerate, an EDGE/IoT Hardware startup founded by a PhD from Notre Dame University and a professor in hardware device engineering.

    The professional services contract engagement is for a six month period July-December 2021 between Pivotport, Inc. and University of Chicago Booth School of Business.